Active Curriculum

At Darrow, we create skills that are as useful in the school of today, as in the boardroom of tomorrow.



The Darrow School active curriculum means our students engage in hands-on experiments, artistic and athletic activities, interaction with the environment and motivational and confidence building exercises that brings their education to life through hard work that’s meaningful and fun.

In the classrooms of our global international school, our students solve equations, write essays, and, yes, take tests. They also participate in energized dialogue and spirited debate. Colleges today are seeking graduates who are problem-solvers, project managers, and independent thinkers. These are lifelong skills that Darrow teaches from day one.

The size of our student body ensures small classes. As a result, students develop strong relationships with faculty and become deeply committed with their education. Students acquire knowledge differently. Our small class sizes allow us to help students become aware of their learning styles, environmental preferences, personal learning history, long-term goals, and how to establish a road map for achievement.

We believe that this highly personal approach to high school learning and living equips our students for great futures, allowing them to graduate from learning today to leading tomorrow.

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