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Life at Darrow means a feeling of sincere acceptance among all students, a joint experience where every individual benefits from the rich experiences and worldview of the others. Academic challenges are supported with respect and positive encouragement by our dedicated staff and all fellow students. We pride ourselves on serving a unique and highly personalised education experience.

We focus on learning, rather than lecturing. We believe that students learn best through direct experience and thrive in an atmosphere that values kindness and compassion. We believe these qualities and broad experiences lend our students an advantage that will serve them in not only college applications, but in college itself and life beyond.

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We know how to make our students feel right at home. We understand that leaving their home country and friends to attend international schools can sometimes take a while to get used to so we take the following active measures to make sure our new students are well cared for and settle in quickly.

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Big Sibs is a one to one buddy system. Building relationships is an important part of adjusting to life at Darrow. All new students, regardless of age, will have a Big Sib to guide them. Big Sibs help new students register for classes, learn the layout of the campus and location of their classes, understand rules and regulations, get familiar with the culture of a boarding school, and introduce them to other students and faculty in the dorms and dining hall.

Most student rooms are doubles or triples. Seniors and RAs (resident assistants) may have a single room, depending on availability. In addition, everyone has a

dorm job to help maintain common spaces and to encourage dorm spirit. Boarding students enjoy the support and guidance of trained student leaders (resident assistants), who help with the smooth running of the dorms.

Four dorm “parents” (who are faculty members) are assigned to each dorm, one of which is on duty each night to oversee fun activities, proctor study hall hours (from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm), supervise lights-out and act as in-dorm parents for the students creating a safe and secure environment for our students to thrive in.

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We offer a comprehensive, dynamic and supportive program for English language learners that includes both classroom experience, as well as individual mentorship with faculty.

Depending on a student’s level of English proficiency, different options are available, but all ESOL students are actively involved in their classrooms, regardless of their ability with the English language.

Every single student is an important part of Darrow, and all are treated that way. ESOL courses include ESOL History, Science, and Literature. Typically, students are mainstreamed within two years.

The ESOL program usually begins in mid-August with a two-week English language immersion course, an opportunity for proficiency testing and an orientation to the Darrow campus, community, and culture, and the surrounding New England region.

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The Darrow School is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Information System (SEVIS) to issue the I-20 visa application.

Please note: students must apply to, be admitted to, and agree to enroll at Darrow (to include the submission of an enrollment agreement and appropriate deposit paid) before we may issue the visa application.

Please check with your U.S. embassy or consulate to determine their policies and procedures.